Terms, Delivery and Returns

By purchasing any products featured on “www.jdsnaturals.ca” you agree to our terms and conditions featured on this page. All delivery times featured in “Delivery and Returns” are approximate and JDSnaturals does not take responsibility for products that arrive late or damaged during the shipping phase. “Delivery and Returns” are part of the terms and conditions, and are non negotiable.

JDSnaturals provides all natural products that are generally regarded as safe, and although no adverse effects have been reported, we do not take responsibility for any negative repercussions involving our products. Any and all implications made about a JDSnaturals product or service by JDSnaturals has been backed by user experience and/or scientific study. Any guarantees / warranties are subject to the discretion and approval of JDSnaturals, and all specifications and requirements for eligibility to said guarantees or warranties must be met. JDSnaturals online and JDSnaturals Physical Content: All copyright, trade marks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) in and on JDSnaturals website and JDSnaturals Physical Content belong to JDSnaturals. JDSnaturals reserves all of its rights in JDSnaturals Physical Content and JDSnaturals Online Services and products. Nothing in the Terms grants you a right or license to use any trade mark, intellectual property, design right or copyright owned or controlled by JDSnaturals. All terms and conditions are governed by Canadian law.

Money back guarantees do not include shipping costs.

Delivery and Returns

    1. Orders will only ship once payment has cleared.
    2. Processing time is: 1-5 business days, Monday – Friday.
    3. Items will not be shipped on Canadian holidays.
    4. Canadian shipping: 1-5 business days based on shipping option selected at checkout. U.S shipping: 4-10 business days based on shipping option selected at checkout. International shipping: 5 – 31 business days┬ábased on shipping option selected at checkout.
    5. No returns on physical products.
    6. JDSnaturals will not be held liable on orders that are purchased without a tracking number.

All promotional and marketing material, services, and products provided by, and for, JDSnaturals and all of it’s affiliates, will adhere to any and all terms outlined by JDSnaturals prior to initiation of promotional and marketing dealings