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Don’t be fooled by it’s size. A little goes a long way, and it packs a punch too! This spot treatment combines multiple strong antibacterial properties to dry out the area and fight problem spots both new and old. With its creamy smooth texture, it makes applying to most troublesome spots easy (it smells great too).


  1. Apply a small amount directly on trouble area when you notice a new spot forming.
  2. Avoid applying to the area around your spot as the ingredients used are powerful and may irritate healthy skin.

Note: The sooner you apply, the more effective this treatment becomes!


Peppermint oil (Mentha Piperita), Eucalyptus oil, Camphor oil, Coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera), Bees wax.


120 days after arrival.

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Weight20 g
Dimensions1.2 × 1.5 × 1.2 in

3 reviews for SPOT CREAM

  1. Emily

    This is my favorite product by this small business! It dries out my acne, pimples, etc… but makes my skin feeling moisturized at the same time. My problem spots will lower, be less painful, go away, etc. because of this product. It has also lasted me a long time, and I plan on repurchasing.

  2. Angelena (verified owner)

    I really love this brand because of their use of natural ingredients. The peppermint has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. eucalyptus has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. The cool mint smell made it delightful to put on as a night time spot treatment. It would dry out my papules and pustules overnight – a few days. I saw a noticeable difference in a matter of a few weeks. I was definitely using way too big of a portion though, because I ran out of mine in 4 weeks. A little goes a long way. Def would recommend this product

  3. Kimmy (verified owner)

    My husband and I have been using this for a while when we break out and it’s almost an over night difference. This is our go to item when we break out. It’s absolutely amazing and highly recommend it to everyone.

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