Relax- Aromatherapy body scrub




Experience bliss during shower or bath time with “Relax- Aromatherapy body scrub”. Carefully selected ingredients provide cool and relaxing sensations on the skin, while simultaneously releasing soothing scents of lavender and peppermint in to the steam of your shower, enveloping you in both a physical and out of body feeling of pure relaxtion. Perfect before bed or after a hard workout!


While this scrub provides all of the benefits mentioned above, it also works as both an exfoliant and moisturizer. The scrub itself helps remove dirt and oil from the skin, while the coconut oil and vitamin E nourish the newly exfoliated skin.



Massage in to wet or damp skin, let sit for a minimum of 1 minute, up to 5 for maximum effect. Aromatherapy effects maximized in a hot shower full of steam. Rinse throughly.

Do not scrub dry or broken skin



Brown sugar, Coconut oil, glycerin, Dark Wash (Plantago Major, Purified water, Theobroma Cacao, Palm kernel oil, Palm leaf ash, Pink Himalayan sea salt, Citric acid), Peppermint oil, Lavender oil, Camphor oil.



*natural oil separation may occur, this does not affect the effectiveness of the product.

Additional information

Weight150 g
Dimensions2.5 × 2 × 2.5 in


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