Our products are specifically measured and sold at their respective sizes so the user can experience a full length trial to see if the product is right for them. 

You should not stop using the product until you have finished what you bought. All figures are approximate, and based off of daily use, twice a day. 

Face wash: 120 days

Moisturizer: 90 days

Spot Cream: 120 days

Toothpaste: 60 days

The Guide: The information provided in this book/post will last a lifetime.

This will vary from person to person because everyone reacts and adapts differently. Approximations are based off of users earliest reported SIGNIFICANT positive experiences. 

Face wash: 1 week

Moisturizer: 1 day

Spot Cream: 3 days

Toothpaste: 1 week 

The Guide: 1 month

Our products are stable at room temperature for up to 3 months after receiving the order. Because our products are made with all natural ingredients, they are subject to faster degradation. 

For longer storage periods, keep refrigerated for up to 5 months.

CocoPaste is best kept at room temperate to keep its proper texture. If its too cold, or too hot, it can become liquid or solid. Whichever it’s texture is, however, it still works equally as good!

Our products are made the same day for your specific order to ensure maximum freshness and longevity.

The face wash is effective enough to improve your acne without the moisturizer, or information from the guide. However, using all three tools will optimize your results.

As awesome as that would be (despite everyone eating it, instead of actually cleaning their teeth), no. CocoPaste has the wonderful scent of chocolate and peppermint, but really just has a minty taste. We’re here to whiten our teeth and make them healthier, not have dessert, remember?

It is normal for acne to get worse within the first 1-3 weeks when using an effective product. This is known as a “purging phase” where all of the excess oil and dirt is being expelled from your skin. After this phase, your skin will recover and adapt to the new face wash, and acne will lessen until your skin is clear. Stay consistent to see results!

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